Development Consulting

The core of development consulting is game-planning the right development for future land-use.

We consider zoning regulations, setback requirements, density requirements, transit adjacency, and a host of other factors so our clients don’t have to. We work with designers, architects and engineers to create the renderings and floorpans that will breathe new life into your property. We create detailed construction schedules and itemized budgets. We underwrite our deals in-house to ensure that should financing be needed, our clients projects will have no problem attracting the investment capital they desire. We guide our clients through the entitlement process and work with preferred lenders to arrange financing for projects as needed by clients.

Our services can be retained through the life of the project from feasibility analysis, entitlement, construction, and disposition. We offer services for developers of office, industrial, retail, multi-family, specialty, and mixed use projects.

underwriting assistance, as well as smaller auxiliary services. Including:

Due Diligence for Acquisition/Financing
Initial Deal Review and Underwriting
Junior Partner/Investor Advisory Services
Loan Review and Underwriting


In addition to our own in-house expertise, we draw upon the knowledge and experience of E2 Development’s trusted partners. These collaborative efforts enable us to deliver our clients the most accurate and thoroughly vetted intelligence used to inform their real estate decisions.


Let us answer the question of How-to-build-it? for you!